NZ Vegan Demographics Summary

A huge thanks to everyone who completed my survey! Over the month of April, I had over 900 responses (almost three times as many as the 2013 survey).

Here is a quick summary of the demographics of New Zealand vegans as at April 2016. This is just to tide you over while I work on a complete analysis of the data, which will provide more insight, and comparisons to the general population and 2013. It’s also a good quick reference guide for the key demographic data 🙂

Gender data is based on 852 responses. It’s pretty darn obvious that there are far more female vegans than male vegans.

Age data is based on 856 responses. My survey did ask for people 10 years and younger, but no one this age seems to have done so – possibly due to the fact that they mostly can’t read/write, and online surveys probably aren’t there thing; and no one seems to have done it on behalf of their child (myself included).

Because people could select more than one ethnicity, the count adds up to more than 100%; I’m being lazy, so aren’t going to work out the exact number of respondents, but we can probably assume it’s also around 850. Not surprisingly, NZ Europeans are over represented here.

Region data is based on 852 responses. Otago has really surprised me with this one. Overall, Otago has way less people than either Christchurch or Wellington (I think… haven’t actually looked it up yet), but just as many vegans. New vegan capital of the country?

Voting data is based on 716 responses. The “Did not vote” answer excludes people under the age of 18, but may include people who could not vote as they are not a resident. Lots of Green Party supporters!

This data is based on 729 responses. Overwhelmingly, the most difficult thing people find being vegan is limited options when eating out. Personally I think that’s probably a good thing, as it’s a fairly simple issue to tackle.

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