Count Your Community

This project is aimed at getting a good estimate of the number of vegans and vegetarians living in New Zealand.

Click on the link below to access the online app and count those in your community – those at your work, school, university, in your sports team, neighborhood or whatever you think is appropriate!

The more people we count the better, so get among it, and get counting!



I’ve already counted one “community”, can I count another?
Yes you can. If you have two jobs, you can submit a count for each workplace. Or perhaps one count for your workplace, and one for your school. Make sure to include yourself in each count!

Why do we want to count vegans and vegetarians?
Knowing how many vegan and vegetarians can be quite useful. In a discussion, it helps to have a clear figure to provide, especially when discussing vegans or vegetarians as a group worth catering to. It is also important to have an idea of how many vegans and vegetarians there are so we can measure how this changes over time.

What will happen next?
After the 15th of July, I will disable the online app, and start analysing the data. This will include manually checking the data to validate all the responses, and remove any that could increase bias. Next I’ll do some magic statistical stuff to work out an accurate estimate for the number of vegans an vegetarians in NZ. This, of course, I will publish here, and let everyone know.

I have other questions
Please, feel free to get in touch: Contact Me